Sofa Bed or Guest Folding Bed

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Sofa Bed or Guest Bed

Unexpected guests are something that most of us have to accommodate here and there throughout our lifetimes. To briefly describe the difference between a sofa bed or a guest style folding bed is relatively easy. A sofa bed will generally have a hidden fold out bed under the sofa cushions. These cushions are removed and the bed then pulls out. These pull out sofa beds normally use a 2 or 3 fold mechanism with the 2 fold generally accepted as the better system as it only folds the mattress once.

A folding guest bed is a stand alone bed that usually folds in half into an upright position. A set of castors would then help you wheel it into a cupboard or corner of your room. Just British Sofas have a wide variety of quality sofa beds and folding guest beds that often have good delivery times.